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Remote Work management

Beat COVID-19 Pandemic. Work Remotely from home or anywhere using Work Management Software. Collaborate with staff members, Co-work with colleagues from home or any parts of the world. Plan, track, schedule work and manage priorities including other work activities in real-time on the BlueDatal platform. 

* Plan and schedule work including meetings on the calendar

* Create and track both projects and non-project tasks

* Set priorities and deadlines for every task.

* Track the time spent on tasks & projects and bill your customers accordingly.

* Gain instant overview of your staff workload, who is over burden and who is less busy.

* Convert quotes to invoices. Manage deposits and payable


Team Collaboration & Time Management

Track time, monitor performance and improve job visibility. Tracking labour and jobs is now easy. No more manual, go paperless skip paper time sheets and clipboard.

Become organized get a central hub where teams can work, plan, collaborate  and boost productivity with easy task management for all your projects. Share your work in real-time. Access tasks, files and calendars from any device

Project Accounting

Drive Cash Flow by Project Accounting & Invoicing. Track, analyse financial results and report 

Tracks & analyse financial components of a project such as budgets, estimates, costs, billing and everything in between helping you make the best decisions to steer projects successfully. Send proposals/estimates, Track client projects and invoices.


Manage projects, clients and staff. Your team would never miss a dead line or forget any critical project ever again.

Gain more insight into time and cost spent on any project. Modern businesses are looking for ways to get organized, get work done effectively and on time. TAKE A BLUEDATAL FREE 25 Days TRIAL

Project Management

From conceptualizing an initial idea to the final results, project management help you keep all your projects in one place and simplify project tracking. You can initialize, plan, execute and control the work of team members to achieve specific goals at the specified time. Project has a beginning and end time.

With Bluedatal, you can achieve all of your project goals within the given constraints.

Task Management

Now you or your team leader can tracks tasks throughout its life cycle and make a decisions based on the progress of the task. Effectively organize and manage tasks by creating task, then plan and assign the task.

Track and report the task. The reports generated assist the management in analyzing the overall efficiency of an individual, department or organization as a whole.

Contact Management - CRM

Manage your client with ease. Connect with them and grow your business. Happy clients are the ones that make your business frog leap into the next level. Keep your customers’ list in one place.

Give your client separate Login dashboard to view their projects. Communicate with them, chat with them and have then send you ticket and others

Employee Management

Encourage your employees to do their best work everyday in order to achieve the larger goals of the organization.

Create employee portal, easily gain access to their Personal and Professional information and let them collaborate easily.

Invoice Management

Invoice management is an important part of running a business. Invoice, Estimates, payments and expenses management is built into your workflow so you can gain full visibility into spend, save time & get paid faster.

– Send PDF invoices to your clients by email and get paid online
– Track paid & unpaid invoices
– Create estimate request for clients and let your clients request for estimates.

Time Tracking & Attendance

Manage attendance or presence in a work environment and minimize loss due to employee time theft using employee Time Clock.

Manage employee time effectively. Track how much time is spent on projects, gain an insight into which of your employee is more productive, measure time against resource spent on getting a particular job or project done.

Messaging & Announcements

Send private messages to team members and clients

Publish announcements to your team members

Ticket Management

This ticket management platform ensures that communication is centralized and information is tracked faster and easier. Tickets can be raised by both employees and clients. Ticket can be assign to any agent to resolve.  

This help you organize all your customer requests, respond to complains, issues or concerns faster and easier.

File sharing

Drag & Drop, or share your files. Gain access to your files, PDFs, images, spreadsheets and other documents. Drop it right into Bluedatal and shared with customers, team members or any associate.

You can integrate file storage with external partners like

- AWS Storage (Amazon Web Service)

- Google Drive Storage

- Dropbox Storage

Leads, Quote and Expenses

Create an Estimate and send to your client. Track all your expenses & get real time information about your project cost. Manage leads easily

Other Management

- Track milestones and progress
-  Roles & Permission Management
-  Add Custom Fields
-  Leave Management

Login Portals

System has 3 login portals. These are: 
- Admin Login Portal
- Client Login  Portal
- Employee Login Portal

Web Clock In & Clock Out

Monitor early departures, late arrivals and get rid of double time entry. Have system automate computation of total hours work.

Accept Payment Cards Online

Allow your clients to pay easily and their preferred way. Pay and receive online payment via credit card or paypal.

Multi-language support

Turn your whole panel into your native language panel

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Bluedatal platform is easy to use so we were able to picked up in minutes. This platform help us connect the entire sales and marketing team across the country even from any devices. This help us save time, meet our marketing and operational targets.

Williams Smart Job RedBusiness Inc.

We are able to access all specifications & project information from plan, access documents, photos and collaborate with all teams both on-site and off-site. Bluedatal has made managing our business a lot easier.

John Nicholas - Zip Constructions

Bluedatal platform is easy to use so we were able to picked up in minutes. This platform help us connect the entire sales and marketing team across the country. This help us save time, meet our marketing targets.

Brenda J. Igharuosa HomeCare LTD.

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